Coding Ninja

About Me

My name is Alex Loney (as you've more than likely gathered from the domain name and the huge words right above) and I'm a computer programmer! I've been coding since about August 2004, when I bought my first C++ programming book to teach myself how to program.

Since that first time of programming, I have spent much more time with computers. I've dabbled in many areas, such as web development (Apache and lighttpd, PHP, and ASP.NET with SQL Server and MySQL databases), application development, computer security (encryption, stegenography, and reverse engineering), network communication, parallel programming, massively parallel programming (using OpenMP, CUDA, and OpenCL), virtual machine management (this web server is actually one of multiple virtual machines I have set up being hosted on a Linux server in my house), and many other areas. Programming has sort of become a passion of mine.

I now hold a dual-major Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Pure Mathematics from the University of Central Arkansas, and will have my Masters degree in Computer Science completed very soon.